About me

My name is Grzegorz Jurkian and I have been wood carving for 15 years. I do my works in various types of wood, but most often in lime wood, which is first of all cheap, comparing to other materials. It is also a grateful material (easy to bark, split and it dries quickly enough).

I do my works in the form of regional souvenirs – the characters and professions (chimney sweepers, monks, woodcutters or cooks). I have to deal with reliefs (mostly sacred) and the furniture decoration – the elements I carve there are usually my own models. After the work is done, I apply wood stain and secure it with bees wax.

In the summer 2007 I have participated in the Cittaslow cities meeting, held in San Daniele in Italy. Some of the local tourists were strongly interested in what do we do at our spot. They formed a circle around us, simultaneously blocking traffic on the whole street. It looked like we were doing unheard and impossible things, but in fact it was a simple wood carving.

At that time I was also cooperating with the Warmia-Masurian Association of Sport Bridge. I was carving cards and figurine, which later became the prizes for various places and achievements on the province championship and other less important tournaments

In addition, I am interested in construction, bricklaying, plastering, roofing and all building related finishing works. I have learned to chip stones and arrange them walls, stairs and walkways. In my free time I devote to my passions – one of them is semi-aquatic sailing (currently gathering materials for a landyacht). I have a paraglider and I’m learning to fly.

I cordially invite you to look at my website and gallery.
I am looking for continuous cooperation – if you are interested – contact with me by e-mail