Entrance wooden door decoration

While you want to carve or decorate doors, you have to be prepared for a situation when the client brings newspaper clipping or even scrap of a model, pattern and he wants to have it on the door. There are explicit patterns, but sometimes you have to give some of prepared ones (by you) to accept. Everything for interests that are really different – floral, hunting motifs or genre scenes – hunting for wild boar, deer. The customer chooses.

At the beginning of door decoration you have to move the drawing (the main outline, sketch on cardboard) on a scale of 1:1. Then you can work the main outlines, and go to the finishing touches. During the work you can pay attention to use chisel in such way, that the cuts are clear and there are not many unnecessary pieces of wood. If the result is not satisfactory, you should think about cleaning everything once again. Check the decoration gallery below