Furniture decoration

Sometimes it happens that people are bored with modern furnitures that are simple, with no patterns. They want something that will make them see the smile on their face, when they walk into the kitchen, the room. They want a spark of pleasure just because someone put into the furniture decoration his creativity to satisfy the owner who uses the decorated furnitures. Furniture decoration (hand carved) is a wonderful thing that never gets boring. Especially when someone appreciates manual work, will feel in this environment very well.

Since centuries, manual work is appreciated, especially furniture decoration, but nowadays such jobs are disappearing day by day – everything is automated by machines. Man, as we know, does this with small imperfections, but at least it is not a machine. Such failures often give charm of uniqueness for a furniture. At the very beginning you need to decide what kind of wood you will use to decorate furniture. Oak is hard and so heavy to process, but has a specific invoice. Beech is more compact, has a tight grain. At the beginning you have to do a sketch – match its dimensions and trace over the items that you will sculpt. The next step is pre-treatment. Process the outline of your work, and then go into the details. Simply stated: throw away everything unnecessary, and what remains is the final result – the simplest definition of wood carving, helpful in furniture decoration.

Depending on the order, a piece of furniture can be painted or impregnated, to make the sculpture last long. You can apply appropriate varnish or do stain. There are orders where conservation has to be fully natural. You can use beeswax or lacker (polishing). Polishing process is laborious, because you have to do it layer by layer and wait it to dry, but the final result is worth the time spent.