Masonry – cutting stones and masonry restoration

Cutting stones – masonry

Sometimes, instead of using bricks and other elements, we can do cutting stones. Stone is a specific material, unfortunately underestimated, although it is used since hundreds of years. Its beauty may appear only after completing house or another object. Cutting stones can make a work completely different. For example: the newly built house in modern style. Stone elements would soften all these modern trends and create a unique, nice looking object.

Stone masons say: stone once picked up from the pile should be built into the building. Each of them has a specific shape and wherever you insert it – the masonry stone will fit. Sorting and selecting stone for masonry works makes them lose their character and look unnatural. The most important skill for mason (masonry) is splitting stones – fitting their shape to your needs. If you asked 10 masons, everybody would say different way of doing his job. Only many years of experience allow them to form proper blocks of stone. You need to know its structure, material – basalt, granite etc., to know where to hit, to split it properly. Practically the same as with the wood carving. Experience, skills needed to use the tools and in-depth knowledge of the material you work with – three elements of successful stone-mason work.