Wood carving – figures and reliefs

I was carving souvenirs such as for the First Holy Communion – Our Lady. I was also creating prizes for the sport bridge voivodeship championship, related to card games symbols. All the winners were fed up with the common winning trophies and there was still in need something new.

In stores you can find wooden figures depending on the region. In the region recognized by the Great Lakes, forests with hunters, most of sculptures are hunters, fishermen, saints. In the mountaints, in Zakopane, there are mostly highlanders in different positions, in regional costumes, Jesus or happy monks. Everything in various sizes. I had a customer, who wanted a huge bear standing on two legs. He has built the cave using stone in Germany, fenced it and put the bear on a cart. He has a remote control that’s used to move the sculpture – it leave the cave with a roar. The creature was 1,70 m tall and had to be protected against the weather conditions, because he was all the time outside